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BioStar Question of the Week:

What approaches are commonly used to model gene regulatory networks

Hello my fellow researchers,

Once again here I come with basic survey like questions.

Does anyone here works with Gene Networks, more specific in ways to model it, I’ve heard of S-System, which is a Differential Equation model, but I would like to know which other approaches are commonly used.

As well, does any one has any information of kinda of a seminal paper in this topic that is a “must read, must cite” paper.

I’m deeply interested in trying to model this networks, so I would like to know if anyone has a grasp on which direction is this research going.


Leon Palafox

Although no answer has been chosen as the “selected” answer at this point, there are some nice leads on ways to look for the kinds of strategies that might suit these needs. And a tip on a paper that might qualify as “seminal” on this topic as well. Check out the discussion over there, and add your thoughts if you have some ideas on this topic.