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BioStar Question of the Week:

What Open toxicology databases are available?

I am composing a list of Open databases with information related to toxicology. Of course, databases with assay data are a good start, including PubChem (partly Public Domain) and ChEMBL (a CC license). But I am interested too in databases with data on, for example, CYP metabolism. The exact nature of the data I am impartial too, and OpenTox servers are of interest too.

Important is that the database must be Open Data, or close to it. Any data available according to the Panton Principles is perfect, and anything under a Creative Commons license acceptable. Explicit statements on license or waiver must be provided by the database.

Egon Willighagen

The top answer gives a nice list of resources, starting with:

Here are some links (non exhaustive list). These offer publicly available data, but in most of the cases there is no explicit license.

–ngn, and one other user; this became an editable community wiki so multiple contributors are possible

The discussion goes on some more and includes a number of EU projects that were new to me. But if this is an area that you are interested in you may want to learn about. Check out the rest of the exchange over at BioStar.