ENCODE usability survey is up: please share

Hello folks: the team at UCSC involved with the ENCODE project is really interested in hearing from ENCODE data users about their interactions with the data. They’ve created a usability survey, and it would really help them out if you could offer your thoughts on this. Go to a gateway page, and you’ll see the yellow highlight that offers the link to take the survey:

When we do the ENCODE workshops, we often get feedback from the people who are there. We always deliver that to the UCSC team. But it’s not always so easy to contact users with different levels of knowledge, different locations, different project goals.

I’m not going to cloud your answers by telling you what we are hearing–but if you have had some experiences using the ENCODE data please share your thoughts.

If you haven’t been using ENCODE much yet, now is a good time to get started! The tutorial that is sponsored by the UCSC ENCODE team covers the same stuff that we do in our workshops. There’s also a paper that was just published called a “users guide” to ENCODE. I’ve got a blog post planned on that soon, but haven’t had a chance to work it up yet.

Introductory Tutorial: http://openhelix.com/ENCODE

New paper from the ENCODE team in PLoS Biology: A User’s Guide to the Encyclopedia of DNA Elements (ENCODE)

EDIT: As soon as I posted this, I saw a tweet about the modENCODE user survey too–if you use that data there’s a place for your feedback too!

RT @wormbase: Please take a moment to complete the modENCODE User Survey: http://bit.ly/kBNWt7