What’s the answer? Open thread

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BioStar Question of the Week:

Multiple sequence alignment of thousands of proteins

I want to track the evolution of several domains, and for doing so, I need to align and cluster 1000′s of sequences. is it possible? and what is the best software to use for that? Eventually I want to understand which is the most “basal” sequence that might lead me to the most ancient protein containing this sequence.

–by Dror

The selected answer:

“mafft –auto” is stable for up to hundreds of thousands of proteins and produces reasonable alignments: http://mafft.cbrc.jp/alignment/software/

–by avilella

But there are a couple of other options as well, as with most bioinformatics solutions!  This includes a hot-off-the-press lead on the new Clustal version (Clustal Omega). Check out the others over there.