BioGPS v2.0 now available

Via tweet we learn:

RT @attilacsordas: Introducing BioGPS 2.0

Not too long ago I did a tip-of-the-week on BioGPS, or the Gene Portal System. It’s a really nice and customizable tool to search for many different types of data that you might be interested in.

We are always pleased to see tools being updated–that means people are still adding new features and maintaining the tool. So it was great to see the new aspects of BioGPS. It looks like a lot of the front end features we talk about in the tip are still the same, but there are a number of improvements to other features. A really helpful new plug-in search certainly is useful–there are so many things you can plug in to this tool to set it up as you want it, and finding the appropriate plug-ins is quite key there!

The new plug-in ratings may also help you when choosing which ones to use.

Hat tip to Attila–thanks!

BioGPS announcement page:

BioGPS tool: New address: