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Lots to report from the Science Blogging Conference. I have a stack of cards with notes and thoughts of things I want to do, things I want to report on and things I want to change or add to the blog here :). It was definitely a stimulating conference with lots of great people to meet.
Today’s my day off (having returned from the conference just yesterday and since it’s Martin Luther King day (daughter at home), but I wanted to get started. Tomorrow till have to be the longer post of my impressions and the things I learned. But before I go off today, I’d like to mention

I learned about this in the ‘adding interactivity’ session of the conference. This is a new web blog with, what I believe, can be a great way to help with the scientific conversation in the blogosphere. The idea behind this site is that when you blog about a reviewed research article, that blog post is then aggregated to research blogging where others can view your post and carry on the conversation about the research.

There are two main actions to become part of this conversation. First, you sign up at research blogging with the rss feed of your blog. Then when you post your entry, you do two things: you include an icon from research blogging site and you post the citation using the DOI format (there is a new plugin for wordpress to include DOI citatiosn coming out this week, I’ll blog about it as soon as it is availible). The research blogging site then reads your feeds and when the icon and citation show up on your blog, it aggregates it into the researchblogging blog including a excerpt, a link to your post and the citation. It sounds like a great idea and potentially very helpful in research discussions. I look forward to reading their feed. Unfortunately, I tried to sign up today and hit a bug. Hopefully that will be fixed soon!

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