Your genome scan for Free*

*while supplies last, plus 9 dollars a month for one year.

23andme is having a sale (again, I did our family’s scan when it went down to 100 late last year). This time the up front cost is $0. Of course you have to pay for shipping and the 9/month fee for updates (for one year). Still, that’s nearly a 2/3rds price reduction from just yesterday when it was $200 plus the 9/month fee.

They are doing this in advance of DNA Day, a national day to raise awareness among students and the public about genetics and genomics. The sale is today only (or while supplies last :).

So, if you had been considering a dna test, maybe now is the time to do it. And then come back to Genomes Are Us and we’ll help you decipher it :D.

This got me to thinking why 23andme is cutting their prices so drastically so often. I’m sure part of it is a market share and marketing ploy. I’m wondering also if there isn’t some thought that the more average citizens invested in the technology, the more likely they’ll fight draconian (in their eyes) regulation. But I’ll bet it’s the former more than the later, but it couldn’t hurt to have more people invested and interested.

Well, I did my duty and ordered my maximum of 5 tests :D.



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