Tip of the week: VirusMINT

In this week’s tip I’d like to introduce you to VirusMINT. We found VirusMINT during our ‘regularly scheduled’ update of our Introductory tutorial on MINT, or the Molecular INTeraction database. We really like MINT for all the great interaction information they provide on a wide variety of species. When we saw they had a ‘virally focused’ database, we had to check it out.

It turns out that VirusMINT is really unique in that it shows interactions BETWEEN human and viral proteins, all on the same interaction map. PLUS, from the VirusMINT homepage description:

VirusMINT uses the PSI-MI standard and is fully integrated with the MINT database.
You can either search for any viral or human protein by entering either common names or database identifiers in the form in the left frame or display a complete viral interactome by pressing the corresponding button in the frame below.

I only had time to show you the most basic VirusMINT features in this short movie. After you watch it, be sure to head over to MINT & check out all their great features, which currently includes 4 sister databases: MINT, HomoMINT (an inferred human network), Domino (a domain peptide interactions database) and VirusMINT.  These four databases are a really nice protein interaction resource because each offers a clean set of information on important areas of protein interactions and are all integrated with one another.  The MINT databases use PSI_MI standard formatting to capture curated protein interaction information from literature & direct user submissions.  Not only is data integrated across each of the four databases, each database provides interactive viewers for visually displaying the data. Outputting and downloading the data is also possible.

For more details of their full functionality: consider checking out our full MINT tutorial – available through a subscription to our full database of training materials (currently on sale); purchasing an individual access to the tutorial; or checking out the references listed below.


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