Calling all Biocurators: the ISB would like your input!

Are you, or have you ever been a biocurator?

If so the International Society for Biocuration requests that you take their career survey, which will take about 10-15 minutes (depending on how much metadata that you include :) ) and asks about career saticfaction, which tasks you enjoy/don’t enjoy, etc. The goal is to get input from as many biocurators as possible, analyze the data & then use it to guide the ISB’s efforts. I consider myself involved in biocuration, since we do outreach & software testing on these resources continuously, and so I filled out the survey myself. It wasn’t at all bad & asks some useful questions.

Biocuration has been a phenomenal career choice for me & my family. It has allowed me to stay in science, and yet follow my spouse when he has had to move and occasionally volunteer at my child’s school during the days. I think expanding biocuration career opportunities is a great way of motivating more people to get into science. The big thing is to 1) provide a variety of opportunities, 2) raise appreciation for what biocurators do (data overload would be SO much worse without the biocuration lot), and 3) get all these biocuration careers funded through steady, reliable and substantial funding – in my opinion.

So if you are a biocurator, please fill out the survey. If you know biocurators, please pass the survey onto them.