Brainz! Now with updates…Allen Brain Atlas

We’ve long admired the Allen Brain Atlas tools. It contains really nice data, lots of it, and there are some really sweet tools to explore images and expression data of various sorts.

I just got my ABA newsletter, and thought a couple of the points were worth repeating here. But you can see the whole list from their Announcements page, and sign up for future newsletters at the bottom there. They have just added a lot of new human data which is nice.

  • ALLEN Human Brain Atlas now includes microarray data for two complete adult human brains, with approximately 1,000 anatomic samples per brain. New features include the Brain Explorer® 3-D viewer and enhanced data search and navigation features. Learn more.
  • NIMH Transcriptional Atlas of Human Brain Development has been expanded to include RNA-Seq data and exon array data for discrete anatomic samples from 25 donors spanning development, as well as additional ISH data spanning postnatal development. New features also include:
    • Addition of differential and correlative search functions
    • Enhanced heat-map interactivity and navigation for transcriptome data
    • Side-by-side viewing of ISH data with nearest matching Nissl sections

Those are some very nice data sets. Check them out if you are interested in brain research. And the new tool to visualize and compare 2 brains in 3D…I was fascinated. It may make an appearance soon as a tip-of-the-week!

We have a tutorial on the Brain Atlas in our subscription collection if you need to know more about the foundations and features of this resource.

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