NLM citation standard…for blogs!

Attending the science blogging conference (remotely) got me thinking about a few things. And, of course, it got me Googling some things. In that process I found out that there is actually a formal NLM standard for citing blogs. The image from the NLM style guide at NCBI is shown here:citing blogs

Hat tip (unofficial citation) to: Blogging meets academic publishing: citing blogs (poorly) And Scott hat tips several others who discuss this as well, and where you can see some additional commentary about the matter.

Attempting official citation:
Lawton, Scott S. Blogcosm [internet]. Outside of Boston: PreFab Software, Inc. Oct. 13, 2007. [cited Jan. 21, 2008]. Available from .

That wasn’t really easy. And this was one of the better ones–I found an actual whole name, company, and vague location. (It really does say “outside of Boston” in the profile). I can envision some odd names with anonymity, and some completely devoid of location.

Oh, I am also “outside of Boston” if you need to cite this. :)