science blogging conference

We are here at the science blogging conference this morning. It starts in 30 minutes. I’m looking forward to attending several sessions. First one im attending is on “open science” or how the Internet has changed science. I just wrote a post about that :). The next session I’m going to will be on teaching science online. Then there is the making your blog more interactive. Last are the general sessions. I’ll report on them all later. Right now I’m testing out my iPhone blog posting interface :)

EDIT by Mary: I’m watching this conference remotely on from this link:

4 thoughts on “science blogging conference

  1. Mary

    I’m trying to attend remotely. It is my first remote-attendance conference. So far I like the idea. But the execution is mixed. We’ll write up a report later with our experiences.

  2. Mary

    Hello Graham–thanks for the link. We will certainly post on our live and remote experiences soon.

    I also saw you signed up at that Nature Second Life site–we are going to be looking at that soon too.

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