Tip of the Week: Encyclopedia of Life

Today’s tip is going to diverge a bit from genomics today and revisit a tip I did two years ago on the Encyclopedia of Life, an ‘wiki-like’ encyclopedia of all know species. We I visited it then in the tip it was only about a year old. I had written about it a few months before and compared it to the The Tree of Life. The latter was focusing more on phylogeny and deeper branches, while the EOL focused on species pages (or leaves) and pulling all available data about all species. I also wrote about the iTOL last year too, an interactive Tree of Life phylogeny. With these and some other resources, there’s a wealth of taxanomic and phylogenetic data out there.

I’d like to see a bit more integration with EOL and TOL, but both projects seem progressed in the last two years. In today’s tip we are going to revisit EoL and reintroduce you to the site and visit the same places and see what has changed.