Social Computing for Scientists: Building collaborative e-Laboratories

I just got this Friday night, but wanted to put it out there so people could plan if they want to attend this webinar. It came to me via the Biocurator mailing list:

The next NCBO Webinar will be presented by Dr. Carole Goble from the University of Manchester on “Social Computing for Scientists: Building collaborative e-Laboratories” at 10:00am PDT, Wednesday, March 16. Below is information on how to join the online meeting via WebEx and accompanying teleconference. For the full schedule of the NCBO Webinar presentations see:

It will touch on MyExperiment, BioCatalogue, SEEK, and MethodBox, apparently. We’ve talked about BioCatalogue before in a Tip-of-the-Week, and the MyExperiment support system that helps Taverna users with their workflows (among other bioinformatics support). Part of the abstract, for a bit more detail:

In this talk I will discuss our experiences, lessons learnt and open questions. How do we incentivise scientists to share with people who could be their rivals? Do they share? When and Why? Do they curate each others content? Do they reuse and under what conditions? Is reuse of complex methods possible? How do the original authors get credit? What special mechanisms do we need to incorporate to protect the intellectual capital of our scientists and support their contributions? What kind of information do people share, if any? Does this Web 2.0 thing work for science? How do we work with scientists and developers to build social computing sites that work?

The full announcement at NCBO has the complete details, speaker bio, and webinar login info: