We are international now, translate blog into German, Chinese, Spanish…

Ok, we’ve always been international. We have given workshops in Iceland, Morocco, Singapore and beyond. We speak several languages and our readers come from all over the world. But we want to reach out further.

So we’ve added a translate capability to the blog. Just look to the right.  It uses several translation services to translate the blog into a different languages. Once you translate the blog, you can set that as your default language or you can correct the translation! As with all machine translations, these won’t be perfect. I know Korean and German and have read a bit of the translations using this. They’re passable, if a bit rough. But the nice thing is, you can edit the translation like you’d edit a wiki (well, actually, a lot easier. Just click ‘edit’ and each sentence has a pop up menu with the default language next to the translation. You can edit the translation). I don’t expect a lot of that at the moment, but definitely encourage it. I know we have readers and I’d hope they’d tweak the translations a little for the next reader to come along. Give it a try!

Right now the languages you can translate to are Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, German, Korean, Italian and Arabic. I know we have readers whose native tongue is those languages. I’m more than willing to add more if the service is available. Just leave a comment to what language you’d like the see a translation option for. Even if there is one reader, I’ll add that service if I can!

Update: This seems to work with Safari on Mac, Chrome on Windows, and IE on both, but does NOT work on Firefox on either OS. We are sending a bug report into the developers, but until that’s fixed you might want to try something other than Firefox if you want to read this in non-English.

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