iPad app for moving molecules

Found this from Wired on Friday, iPad Lets Scientists Drag, Pinch and Swipe Real Molecules . It’s an app that allows scientists to manipulate molecules with an optical tweezer using the iPad as an interface. Quite a fascinating app and the video is interesting.

Got me to thinking, how is and could a tablet computer be used in biological science (bench or otherwise)? I wrote about iPhone apps before.

I have an iPad, and I use it a lot for reading news, reading books, catching up on email, watching movies. I find it’s potential though much more intriguing than what I’m using it for.

There are some great biology research-related apps I use. I use Papers (opens iTunes) to read and annotate research papers, and I have the Nature and PLoS reader apps, but it feels to me that developers have only mined the surface of what one could do with a handheld touch-screen tablet (be it iPad or Slate or…). Or at least what it seems you should able to do based on Star Trek movies :D.

I can see an app for keeping a lab book (there are notebook apps, but I want something geared towards lab notes. I can see an app for manipulating multiple sequence alignments (kind of like JalView) or even a game like Fold It on the iPad for multiple sequence aligns. In fact, why not Fold it on the iPad or tablet. Thought he UCSC Genome Browser can be viewed using the browser on the iPad, I can see a suped up GenomePad for the tablet. How about a personal genomics app?

Have any ideas or apps that you use for research or would like to see?