Public service announcement: Survey on web services + privacy

Reposting from the BioCatalogue mailing list:

Dear BioCatalogue users,

We are researchers at Carnegie Mellon University who are conducting a survey of users who compose web services in their workflows to build applications. One of the goals of this survey is to better understand the privacy concerns of web service users (or lack thereof), and how well users are able to resolve these concerns. Even if you have no data privacy and security problems while using web services, we would still appreciate your feedback because that would give us a better perspective of the problem scenario.

Please take time to fill the following questionnaire:

The survey consists of maximum 17 questions and can be completed in about 10 minutes. There are no correct or incorrect responses. This survey is approved by CMU Institutional Review Board (IRB), and would follow the appropriate safety protocols set by the IRB (Protocol Number: HS11-091). All responses would be treated confidentially and will not be traceable to individual respondents.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and time !!

Best Regards,

Vishal Dwivedi and Kunn Niu
Carnegie Mellon University,
Pittsburgh, USA.