Personal Genomics and Galileo?

456px-bolton-galileo.jpgYup, that’s the proposal.  Some scientists would like to find out what led to the vision problems that Galileo had, and are proposing an exhumation and some sequencing….

Scientists to solve astronomical riddle using Galileo DNA

“If we succeed, thanks to DNA, in understanding how this disease distorted his sight, it could bring about important discoveries for the history of science,” said the institute’s director, Paolo Galluzzi.

Huh.  I think it would be an interesting project just because I like to look around at other people’s genomes–you know, like looking in the windows of houses as you drive by….  And I would love to be able to use it as an example if they used GBrowse to display the data, like they do for Watson or Venter.  But I wouldn’t have guessed that it would be important for astronomy :)

You wonder if he covered this in those notebooks.

Image from Wikipedia