Tip of the Week: Visualizing GWAS with HapMap tools

hapmap_gwas_movie.jpgWe are seeing a lot of interest in visualizing GWAS data lately.  We cover this a bit in our UCSC Genome Browser tutorial.  And we recently did a pretty popular post on a quick look at the NHGRI GWAS catalog data using the UCSC Genome Graphs tool.

But as I was looking at the HapMap tools again recently, I noticed that they have a tool for this as well.  So today’s tip examines that tool for visualizing the NHGRI GWAS catalog data, and having a look at the GBrowse view of this data in genomic regions with the HapMap context.  In this movie I load up one of the sample data sets and move from that GWAS karyogram visualization to the HapMap GBrowse view.  Click the image to view the movie.

4 thoughts on “Tip of the Week: Visualizing GWAS with HapMap tools

  1. Andrew Johnson

    I’ve had a few people contact me having trouble locating the files. Hopefully in the final version the additional files will be clearly linked. If you go to the end of the .pdf it is Additional File 6 — “johnsonodonnell_gwas_genomegraphs.tar.gz”

  2. Mary

    Oh, thanks so much. Since they pulled all that other data off the Genome Graphs site it was hard to show a good example of it.

    Got it, that helps!

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