See Clint’s (updated) genome.

Sure, you’ve seen Watson’s, Venter’s, and now there are more and more individual genomes becoming available. But this one is different. Clint is a chimp. UCSC announced the new chimp assembly is on the public site:

hi everyone,

We’ve just released a Genome Browser for the latest version of the chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) genome. The Oct. 2010 assembly — CGSC v2.1.3, UCSC version panTro3 — was produced by the Chimpanzee Sequencing and Analysis Consortium.

This assembly covers about 97 percent of the genome and is based on 6X sequence coverage. It comprises 192,898 contigs with an N50 length of 44 kb and 33,990 supercontigs with an N50 length of 8.4 Mb. Improvements introduced with the 2.1.3 assembly include the addition of over 300,000 finishing reads and the merging in of 640 finished BACS. Approximately 49,000 additional merges were made in this assembly as compared with the

2.1 assembly.

The whole genome shotgun data were derived primarily from the donor Clint, a captive-born male chimpanzee from the Yerkes Primate Research Center in Atlanta, GA, USA. The sequence data were assembled and organized by the Washington University Genome Center from underlying whole genome shotgun data generated at the Washington University St.

Louis School of Medicine and the Broad Institute. For detailed information about the assembly process, see the sequencing and analysis discussion in this GenBank accession record:

There’s some more detail in the announcement if you want to download–see the whole message here.