…And Boy is My Brain Tired…

You know the old joke “I just flew in from X, and boy are my arms tired!”? Well I didn’t fly, I drove, and its my brain not my arms, but that’s the way I feel this Monday morning.

 I spent my weekend with an amazing group of science communicators discussing a vast range of topics and issues. I attended a Women In Science & Engineering (WiSE) event Friday evening, and participated in the ScienceOnline09 unconference Saturday and Sunday. For those of you who are wondering what an ‘unconference’ is, it is where every session is a discussion that has a leader or two. The leader is sort of like a guide – lays out an issue, guides the discussion but is not allowed to monopolize the discussion time & audience participation is mandatory. For a hermit like me who works alone in a quiet office all day, it was a bit overwhelming – so many discussions, ideas, new things to learn about, topics to think about – there were so many excellent exchanges between so many enthusiastic people, just the volume of sound in the conference hall could be overwhelming at times.

 I will  definitely be blogging more of the details (as I can get them organized in my brain – might require more coffee…) but here I wanted to specifically say thanks to all who were involved, and to let all of the sponsors know that this was an excellent conference and well worth your support! Thank you very much, and please continue your support in the future!

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