I ♥ checklists: this one for Galaxy installs

Just noticed this tweet that might be of value to some of you:

@mcmahanl: @agapow My checklist for installing #GMOD galaxy http://bit.ly/hjfYc1 #bioinformatics

We find checklists to be very effective for our training sessions and accomplishing tasks–and I know they’ve even been shown to have benefits in surgery!

As we go around doing the sponsored Galaxy trainings we are finding that some people have such large files that they are having trouble moving them around to the Galaxy site–they are having time-outs and other issues. So we’ve been encouraging people to set up local installations. Usually we find that there are several people at a site who turned up for the training that didn’t know someone else in their institution was having the same problem!

So if you’ve been having issues about moving files around, or for some medical sites we visit with special patient data privacy concerns–a local installation of Galaxy may be a good idea.

I haven’t tried this checklist–I don’t need anything more than the regular Galaxy site right now. But for those who do, it might be helpful.

The materials for the workshop we do can be found here: http://www.openhelix.com/galaxy . This is very much an intro + end-user workshop, it does not touch on installation at all. There’s a lot more help on the Galaxy site for installation, and look for the slides from their periodic Developer’s Conferences that I know people have told me are terrific.