caMOD has a new release

Just another quick release note on an otherwise light holiday week. I saw this one for caMOD (Cancer Models Database) on the MGI mailing list:

On behalf of the entire caMOD team, I am pleased to announce the availability of caMOD 2.5 at caMOD 2.5 includes many improvements that facilitate searching for cancer models in caMOD as well as for submitting new models to the database.

Search enhancements:

- Significantly enhanced Search to better accommodate the increasing volume of data in caMOD

- Broadened keyword search

- Improved search for transgenes and targeted modifications

- Addition of the PubMed publication identifier as a search criterion to the Advanced Search page

- Enhanced customization of the Search Results list

Submission enhancements:

- Customization of the publication page for rat models

- Improved PubMed data retrieval script

- More flexible designation of URLs for associated microarray and image data

A caGrid data service for caMOD 2.5 will be available in the coming weeks and will be announced via this listserv. For more information about caGrid, please see

Please refer to the release notes for additional information on caMOD 2.5, available from the application home page. For questions or suggestions, contact the NCICB application support team at

Thank you for your interest in caMOD!

Ulli Wagner