Mining the World News: Michael Pollan has alien genes?

As Mary pointed out last week, we had an alien DNA upgrade about 1,000 years which lead to the blast furnace, among other necessary modern accoutrements, according to recent research reported in the Weekly World News (still no original paper found in PubMed).

Well, apparently current genomics research has shown  that those meddlesome  aliens are still tinkering. In our deep digging into that bastion of truth and scientific fact, the World Weekly News we found 1 in four Americans have alien genes, a set of genes that started showing up in 1978 it seems.

One of the symptoms is the overwhelming love and cravings for green vegetables, so I suspect Michael Pollan might be one of those 25% of Americans with the new version 2.1 genes from Molganis. Though I couldn’t be sure, other symptoms include an impatience with crying people and using too much dish soap, so perhaps he doesn’t have those?

I haven’t been able to track down “Dr.”  Kornblum to clarify. I’d love to talk to him about setting up an annotation track in the UCSC Genome Browser so we can all determine whose genome carries these recently introduced genes, we can call it MorganiGene (2.1).

The Weekly World News is a wealth of genomics information!  The article: