Pinot noir genome, for your holiday contemplation

As you raise a glass this holiday season, you can think about the complexities of the pinot noir genome release.

Pinot Noir Genome Sequence Could Help Cut Costs of Wine Production

….As part of the sequencing study Velasco and colleagues identified a number of genes that are related to disease-resistance, of which 289 contain one or more SNPs.

The study found that the grape plant has a relatively small genome for a crop plant, with more than two million SNPs and 28,585 genes….

The research article can be found here:
A High Quality Draft Consensus Sequence of the Genome of a Heterozygous Grapevine Variety

Ah, now, I must see how it compares to the chardonnay sequence…

2 thoughts on “Pinot noir genome, for your holiday contemplation

  1. Trey

    As aside: This blog post from Dr. Moran discusses this paper and an earlier one that was published in Nature a couple months ago of the same genome from a competing lab. His basic conclusions of the comparison since they both come to differing phylogenetic conclusions

    The take-home lesson is that we need to take studies of this sort with a large grain of salt. In most cases we won’t be lucky enough to have competing labs to analyze the same data and point out differing interpretations.

  2. Mary

    But these are different strains, it appears. I’m not sure you can call it the same data, then?

    In any case, the access to the genome sequences will allow anyone to perform their own analyses–as long as you can find the appropriate tools to do it :)

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