Have some NGS SAM/BAM files? get a GUI interface

A recent paper on a GUI interface introduces SAMMate. As the paper states:

With just a few mouse clicks, SAMMate will provide biomedical researchers easy access to important alignment information stored in SAM/BAM files.

You might want to check it out if you have Next Generation Sequencing data in the form of BAM/SAM files. A nice feature I haven’t been able to check is that it will export a ‘wiggle’ file for alignment visualization in the UCSC Genome Browser.

3 thoughts on “Have some NGS SAM/BAM files? get a GUI interface

  1. Sargis Dallakyan

    Thanks for this post. I saw this article earlier and, after reading this post, I went to their download page. They don’t have binaries for Linux yet, but the fact that it’s based on Eclipse is very enticing. I use Eclipse regularly as a developing environment. I learned about SAM/BAM files recently from the iDEA challenge and I was surprised to see very few tools available to work with next-gen sequencing data compared to the number of tools for viewing molecules.

  2. SAMMate

    现在SAMMate 2.6已经发布了,已经提供了Linux 版本,欢迎你们下载使用!
    Guorong Xu

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