New to me old news: Dryad data repository

Recently, some major Journals implemented new data archiving policies, including the American Naturalist:

The American Naturalist“The American Naturalist requires authors to deposit the data associated with accepted papers in a public archive. For gene sequence data and phylogenetic trees, deposition in GenBank or TreeBASE, respectively, is required. There are many possible archives that may suit a particular data set, including the Dryad repository for ecological and evolutionary biology data ( All accession numbers for GenBank, TreeBASE, and Dryad must be included in accepted manuscripts before they go to Production. Any impediments to data sharing should be brought to the attention of the editors at the time of submission.”

Re: Dryad. This data repository is new to me. Though they are not particularly ‘data-rich’ at the moment (just over 1,000 data files), the idea and purpose behind Dryad seems to have been a long time coming. We have huge data repositories for sequence, structure and the like, but there is so many types data published that reside only at individual journals… or on someone’s hard drive. Dryad’s purpose is a repository for these kinds of evolutionary and ecological data (among others).

It appears that the repository project only got started about two years ago (funded anyway) though I could be wrong, but they’ve made some headway. Nature journals now list Dryad as a recommended option for data repository. And as linked and quoted above, several other large journals now either require or recommend Dryad as a repository.

There is a quick video on how to submit data here. The search capabilities are a bit limited (for example, once you search you can’t alter the original search term without starting all over), but I’m sure with time and funding this will change.

Definitely check it out.

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