Tip of the Week: Draw your own domains

prosite_mydomain1.jpgThere are some amazingly complicated programs in bioinformatics that do everything from assembling your genome to analyzing its evolutionary relationships and then make breakfast for you. Well, ok, not so many of them do the breakfast part. But the range and functionality of these tools is really tremendous.

However–there are times when users have simple needs and just want a quick way to make a diagram or an illustration of biological features. The MyDomains tool at Prosite is one way to make a quick diagram of items you would like on a sequence of interest. You can choose domain shapes, colors, indicate intervals and flag sites.

I can see this being handy for seminars, exams, grants, or any other place you might need a little custom diagram to represent features on a sequence. We have a longer tutorial in our catalog about the many other terrific features of Prosite, but here’s a quick look at a simple tool to make quality domain diagrams come to life.