Ensembl 51

Ensembl has updated their website to version 51 (long awaited) if you haven’t already noticed. I’ve been doing some preliminary browsing of the new interface and have some first impressions:

* like any change, it’s taking some getting-used to. It’s not a minor change in the navigation or configuration interface.

* The backend does seem to have better performance, pages in the browser and searches do appear to load must faster than I am used to.

* I like that they have added a simpler way to add your own data, though as yet I haven’t found an easily accessible explanation of formatting the data. Admittedly, I’ve only given it a cursory look. I’ll play around with this more.

* As yet, I’m not sure I like the new interface to adding tracks to the display better. I liked the pull-down menus they had before. Easy to find, add and close. Perhaps it’s one of those things you just get used to and find to be better than the older interface after you use it more.

Well, we’ll be poking around a bit more and let you know what we find.

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