Genomic Poetry

23andme came out with their poetry winners today. Robert Frost is one of my favorite poets, so of course I do love this winner:

The Haplogroup Not Taken
by Robin Goldstein (with deepest apologies to Robert Frost)

Two SNPs diverged in a Chromosome
and wonder I the meaning thus
A lifelong need for brush and comb
or sullen gaze at polished dome;
The benefit, a lack of morning fuss.

And so I spit into a tube
and learned of things like Phenotype
and Gregor’s bees, though I a rube
more like to solve a Rubik’s cube
Or chat with Stanford doctors using Skype.

Now “The waiting is the hardest part”
Tom Petty sang (left-handedly)
And “Cogito Ergo Sum”, said Decartes
Though philosophy cannot impart
That smell of asparagus to my pee.

I shall be blogging this with a sigh
To cousins 2 and 4, first, fifth and 3
Two SNPs diverged in my genes and I
Intent to learn the reasons why
Now wait results from 23andMe