The Turkey Genome is on the way

wild_turkey_eastern_us.jpgAs we in the US celebrate our Thanksgiving holiday for the next couple of days, we won’t be doing our usual Thursday “What’s your problem?” question and answer open threads. We expect to all be in turkey-induced overeating coma for two days.

In the meantime, enjoy the thoughts of the upcoming turkey genome. Probably requires fewer dead specimens than a Sarah Palin press conference:

NEWS: Researchers prepare to sequence the turkey genome

Blacksburg, VA, Nov. 20—Just in time for Thanksgiving, Virginia Tech (VT) researchers have announced an effort to sequence the genome of the domesticated turkey.

The Virginia Bioinformatics Institute (VBI) at VT recently hosted the Turkey Genome Sequencing Consortium Mini Symposium that allowed researchers involved in the consortium to discuss the current status of the turkey genome.


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