Tip of the Week: Subscribing to journal updates with HubMed

hubmed subscriptionsAs one of the tools (along with Connotea, Faculty1000, MyNCBI, HubMed, etc) to keep abreast of the fire hose of literature that is published, I also use RSS feeds to keep up-to-date on the latest publications from journals of interest. There are a lot of journals out there that publish a lot of data interesting to me, but subscribing to them all IRL of course is cost prohibitive (and environmentally unfriendly). Many will send updates by email of new issues, but the last thing I need is another email in my inbox screaming for my attention. Getting an RSS feed from a journal is a good way to keep up-to-date on new issues (if you haven’t used RSS feeds, read up on them here, find a reader here). Many journals include RSS feeds to new content, others don’t. Another way to get RSS feeds to a specific journal is to use HubMed in a nice feature that allows you to get an RSS news feed for a ‘search.’ I’ll show you how to do that here.

3 thoughts on “Tip of the Week: Subscribing to journal updates with HubMed

  1. Paul

    HubMed is great. I’ve used for both bibtex references and RSS feeds. However, I’ve found the RSS feeds from NCBI/PubMed a more direct route.

  2. Trey

    Yes, the rss feeds in PubMed are straightforward and direct (though not quite as obvious to find). They’ll be the subject of my next tip soon. HubMed has some features you can’t find with PubMed though, so I find that it’s nice to go to HubMed for my updates. Good to have choices.

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