Defrosting the Digital Library

Defrosting the Digital LibraryThat’s the title of a recent paper in PLoS Computational Biology paper I read. This paper is a good read on two levels. It discusses the problems and difficulties (and solutions) with the rising number of digital libraries, published papers and research. Difficulties like identity (identifying papers in a persistent and standard way) and metadata (being able to pull out publication data from a paper in a standard and simple manner, if at all) and solutions like simple and persistent  URIs,  exposing metadata and identifying people and publications.

It was also a good read on another level, here, now and me. The authors discuss several digital libraries and their scope (the graphic here is a representation of some and their overlap) and tools to ‘defrost’ these libraries at a personal level. Many of these tools I use or know about (MyNCBI, CiteULike, Connotea and HubMed) and some I’m not particularly familar with (Zotero, Mendeley and Mekentosj Papers-Mac only! :), but the paper did give me a pretty decent understanding on some better ways for me to start to get a handle on the growing body of literature.

Now I should go do two things… reorganize and reinvigorate my references (back to Connotea! and try out Papers!) and to add the DOI link from CrossRef to this post, you know to standardize!

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