Darwin in Bomber Jacket

And scarf.

Since blog traffic is slow (as always at this time of year) and the holidays have us in a light mood (and/or on vacation), thought I’d offer some light fare up to you stalwart readers.

The Korean Personal Genome Project has been launched by PGI. The purpose of the project is to get a few thousand more Korean genomes sequenced (in addition to the two already completed!) and the public educated. That is as good as far as it goes. Can’t have too much data! The site is in Korean (I speak Korean, so I’ve been able to scrounge through the site a bit), so unless you read Korean, you won’t gain much… except..

the site has to be one of the best sites I’ve seen in a long time for a genome project. I mean any site that has Darwin in a bomber jacket and other genome research luminaries as surfers, can’t be all bad :D.

Just one thing I’d point out: The DNA is left-handed Z-form DNA on the front page. They join good company though in scientists who show DNA in left-handed form instead of right-handed ;-)