Tweeting in Science [update with poll]

You should expect light posting here over the next couple of weeks, as like elsewhere OpenHelix folks will have shopping, guest, and child-care issues. So to keep your science-geeky going over that time, I’ll offer a resource I found recently:

Science Journalists on Twitter at MuckRack:

There is a range of topics, but it should fill the void for quick hits of science while you are browsing around the net, while you are avoiding the relatives.

I was talking to my housemate the other day about using twitter for work. I was explaining my strategy to him, as he wasn’t really familiar with how it might actually function as a tool for work, rather than just an instant-gratification ADD time killer.

Anyway, I said that I had considered doing a tip-of-the-week on how I use twitter for bioinformatics, but that I thought maybe in our field it’s not something that’s particularly mysterious.  I know it’s not bioinformatics per se, but I find it useful….But he said he could have used the help with the strategy that I explained to him, and would be interested in seeing how someone else does it. In my experience the youngstahs have “the twitter” down, but a lot of people of my advanced age could use an overview.

I wish I knew how to add a poll here. I’ll ask Trey later, maybe we can dig one up. But would you be interested in seeing how I tweet for science, and how I use it to mine the ethers? If so, drop a note.  Or check back and see if we added a poll.

Edit: just spotted on MuckRack a cool post by BoraZ on the topic of science journalism, hat tip to Ed:

edyong209 Reading @BoraZ ‘s new epic on how the line between science and journalism is getting blurry….again:

Ok, attempting the new poll function (no promises about actually recording votes just yet…)

2 thoughts on “Tweeting in Science [update with poll]

  1. Cyndy

    Hi Mary,

    Would love a tip on tweeter and science – so far see no use for
    tweeter at all. Can’t imagine why you can’t just keep in contact
    by email, phone, and check science by google!
    Please enlighten me,

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