Virtual Science

I posted a note about virtual science a while back about virtual Galapagos island visit and I’ve had a tangential interest in Second Life and the possibilities virtual reality holds for teaching. I am not sure how well good it is for teaching the type of things we do here at OpenHelix, but the concept is intriguing (and after reading OtherLand years ago, it seems a bit like life imitating art). Sandra at her blog “Discovering Biology in a Digital World” asks about alternatives to Second Life such as Croquet. I’m pointing that out because the discussion in the comments is quite interesting and lots of information about teaching using a virtual world including this site Simteach wiki. Also, I found out that Second Life was inspired by another “cyberpunk” novel, Snow Crash.

Now, what this all has to do about teaching genomics resources? I’m not sure. But I’m keeping an eye out (and it will give me an excuse to play  in the virtual world late at night, you know, in the interest of science).