ScienceOnline2011: dang I’m getting excited!!

ScienceOnline2011  begins Thursday evening and I’m getting more & more excited as the minutes tick away. The Keynote Lecture Thursday night is being given by Robert Krulwich, and is again being hosted at the RTP headquarters. I’ve gotten to sign up for a Friday tour at the RTP US Environmental Protection Agency. My whole family thinks that sounds cool & wants me to bring notes home on anything interesting that I learn. I’m looking forward to learning about some new databases that they develop – maybe I’ll get some cool tip ideas! :) After that I will attend two different workshops (‘Death to Obfuscation’ & Prezi), meet authors at the Casbah & dine in one of Durhams finest establishments. I’ve been so excited about these opening events, I haven’t begun to decide what Sat & Sunday sessions I’ll attend – other than my own OpenHelix demo on Sunday, of course :) – but I’m sure whatever session I join will be amazing. If you are drooling at my opportunity, fear not the conference sessions are being broadcast & you can participate online at .

In my continued gathering of interesting articles on communication, information or other (that might be useful for some of the session discussions) here are a few more that I’ve found: