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I’ve been really impressed with the work of the ScienceDebate2008 team as they have tried to bring important questions around science and technology policy to the Presidential race. I think that scientists have been sitting on the sidelines, trying to be objective–for good reason, but that it didn’t serve us well as groups with other non-science agendas have moved the funding and policy issues.

Although the debate didn’t happen, they did get answers. And it didn’t stop them. They wrangled a conference where science and policy issues were the focus. Just today in my email they announce that all of the talks are now available online, for free. If you find you are becoming interested in science and technology policy issues (like I am lately), you might enjoy some of these discussions.

Here’s the email:

Dear Mary,

We invite you to enjoy the brilliant insights and inspirational perspectives of some of the nation’s top science policy experts – for free! (Although we’d be really happy if you made a contribution to our effort to elevate science in America’s political dialog.)

We’re making the Innovation 2008 conference, which originally cost $175 plus travel and hotel, available to you online for free because we think the insights expressed are important to the future of science policy in America – and because we think they will enrich your life and we want to thank you, very deeply, for your support of the Science Debate 2008 initiative.

Just click the links and we’ll take you there. Whether you’re faculty, student, researcher, blogger, or concerned citizen there’s something you’re going to value in these remarkable and educational sessions. Get Smart!

SESSIONS (90 min each)
1. Innovation – Some of America’s leading science policy experts discuss the current challenges and opportunities
2. Education – Evolution versus creationism is just one snippet of the politics of renewing STEM in America
3. Health – A deeply spirited and stimulating discussion of public health, pandemics, and science policy
4. News & Culture – A sizzling hot look at the problems we uncovered in American science policy reporting
5. Energy – What’s missing from the current energy debate? A look at sustainability issues.
6. Peter Agre on the human side of science – A Nobel laureate’s inspirational talk on crisis and innovation
7. Ira Flatow on science in America today – An outstanding discussion – coming soon!

See Obama & McCain’s answers to the 14 top science questions facing America.

Please make an online contribution to continue to help elevate science in the U.S. elections!

Science Debate 2008 gratefully acknowledges our partner in the Innovation 2008 conference, the outstanding Center for Science, Technology and Public Policy at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey Institute.

-The Team at