Friday SNPpets

Welcome to our Friday feature link collection: SNPpets. During the week we come across a lot of links and reads that we think are interesting, but don’t make it to a blog post. Here they are for your enjoyment…

  • @NCBI tweets: Books on the NCBI Bookshelf have a new Look and URL format (though old URLs will still work). For more info, see: [Mary]
  • The XMap genome browser now supports Affymetrix arrays. Hat tip to tim_yates. [Mary]
  • This is what I’m expecting to find from our 23andme test. [Trey]
  • The ad in Nature for the Falling Walls conference commemorating the falling of the Berlin wall as “day-long program, featuring 20 presentations about the most transformative breakthroughs in science and society” intrigued me, but I was too late & too far away to attend. Apparently it is a yearly conference with videos available here. [Jennifer]