NHGRI webinar coming up: GWAS

nhgri_webinar.jpgThe NHGRI has an ongoing webinar series running–check out the upcoming one and the previous ones here.

I just got an email announcement that they have scheduled that GWAS one for Nov. 20, 2pm ET, and the email has a bit more content description:

The upcoming webinar is entitled, “Genome-Wide Association Studies: The Basics of the science and related policies”. Laura Rodriguez, Acting Director of the Office of Policy, Communications, and Education at NHGRI, will host the webinar and also speak about data sharing policies related to GWAS studies. Teri Manolio, Director of the Office of Population Genomics will report the latest on GWAS results, and what they can tell us about genomics and health. We will then take questions from participants.

I’m curious about the recent removal of GWAS data from the public sphere, and to see what they expect will happen afterwards.

They’ll have sign up information posted soon, they say. Keep an eye out if you are interested because you do have to shoot them an email to get registered.

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