Friday Fun: Dance Your Ph.D. competition

dance1.jpgI just found an announcement for this competition in BioTechniques, and if I wasn’t born with two left feet and a tin ear, I’d think about entering. (Well, that and the fact that my drug-resistance-in-yeast-as-a-model-for-P.carinii. thesis was a bit closer to chaos theory than I would have liked, but I digress…) The competition is being run by the The American Association for the Advancement of Science(AAAS), and appears to be the second of its kind. You can read the details of last year’s competition on the AAAS’s site here, and see the official competition announcement here. I used to love going to modern dance concerts when I was on campus (I’m digressing again, aren’t I?).dance2.jpg

 But ya better get your tail feathers shaking because your dance piece must be posted on YouTube by Nov. 16th. It is open to anyone who has, or is pursuing, a PhD and is able to convey the essence of their PhD through body movement. Winners will be paired with a professional choreographer to create a final version of their dance & other fun sounding prizes. There is a bit of a time commitment for winners so do be sure to read the fine print when entering.

3 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Dance Your Ph.D. competition

  1. Jennifer

    Hi Wendy! Hi Jay!

    I’ve watched the dances you recomended as well as a bunch of others – these are TOO cool & you guys are very creative. I can’t wait to see what the professional choreographers do to/for these.

    Thanks & take care.

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