Visit the Galapagos Islands, for free

Ok, that got your attention didn’t it? It got mine. It’s not really a genomics post, it’s not really a database post, but like almost every evolutionary biologist I know (and most biologists and a lot of others), a visit to the Galapagos has been something I’ve always wanted to do. Only thing is, it’s expensive to get and stay there, and eco-tourism is having it’s not-so-great side effects. Well, the University of Cincinnati, in order to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Darwin’s “Origin of Species” has set up a “Second Lifetour of the Galapagos.

I’ve resisted roaming Second Life, even though Nature has a presence there as “Second Nature.” But for the Galapagos? I’ll go :). Now, I wonder if they could do a tour of the Genome in Second Life?

HT: Discovering Biology in a Digital World

5 thoughts on “Visit the Galapagos Islands, for free

  1. Zuri

    Wow, a chance to visit the Galapagos Islands for free, that’s a unique opportunity!

    Nothing in the world compares to this group of 19 islands and more than 40 islets. It is indeed the most incredible living museum of evolutionary changes, with a huge variety of exotic species (birds, land animals, plants) not seen anywhere else.


  2. Trey

    Thanks Sandra! (I have a subscription, missed that article :( ). I’ll check it out.

    I think I’ll be there Amiya :D

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