Opportunity in Systems Biology

From a systems biology mailing list I’m on, I got this announcement. As I no longer qualify as…ah…young…apparently…I’m going to pass this along to young investigators interested in this area. Personally if I was starting out a career in biology/bioinformatics/genomics at this time I would move in this direction. There’s some very exciting stuff developing there, and it looks to me like there’s room to find a niche.

Anyway, here’s the announcement, reprinted with permission. There’s no web site yet, the tell me they’ll let me know when one is live.

The European Commission is funding the FutureSysBio project, a coordination and support action that aims at shaping and predicting the future development of the field Systems Biology. We are now planning for the first focused workshop, which will discuss the topic “What is needed for SysBio to enter the clinic”?

Focus will be very much on open discussions and brainstorming around specific topics and questions The outcome of the workshop will be documented and disseminated in various reports to different target groups (funding agencies, industry, the scientific community, media, the general public) and possibly as a publication in a suitable scientific journal. Social events will also be organised.

The workshop will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden, with arrival in the morning of Nov. 19 and departure in the afternoon of Nov. 21.

We are looking for ten young scientists (max five years after PhD) who would like to actively participate in the workshop. Please send by e-mail (martin.markstrom[AT]gu.se): (i) a one-page letter of application describing your interests and why you would like to participate; (ii) a one page CV; (iii) the name and email address of a senior scientist at your department who can act as your reference.

Your application should reach us by mail no later than Oct. 20. Successful applicants will be notified by Oct. 24. The FutureSysBio project will cover participants’ costs as far as they are within the usual range (economy class ticket).

With the best wishes,

Stefan Hohmann and Jens Nielsen

Check it out. Pass it along to interested colleagues.