Tip of the Week: cast a SPELL and find your genes!

Today’s tip is on a resource named SPELL, which stands for ‘Serial Pattern of Expression Levels Locator’. You enter a small set of gene names. The SPELL search engine will analyze expression datasets collected from GEO, ArrayExpress, SMD, etc. and tell you which datasets are most informative for your genes. It will also return a list of other genes with similar expression profiles. The spell_logo.jpgresults link to the original publications and to gene summaries at SGD, and provides you with a list of over-represented GO terms. I found SPELL through SGD’s Expression Connection (a wonderful resource in and of itself), and liked what I saw. Plus the name ‘SPELL’ is sort of appropriate for Halloween, which is fast approaching. Read more about the resource here, which is also referenced below.

M. A. Hibbs, D. C. Hess, C. L. Myers, C. Huttenhower, K. Li, O. G. Troyanskaya (2007). Exploring the functional landscape of gene expression: directed search of large microarray compendia Bioinformatics, 23 (20), 2692-2699 DOI: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btm403