Francis Collins endorses Obama

From Genome-Technology Online yesterday I was led to this post about this topic at A Vote for Science on ScienceBlogs.

Francis Collins, the former Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute and lead on the Human Genome Project has just published an opinion piece in the Virginian Pilot endorsing Barack Obama.

From the Vote for Science page you can link to a scan of his article, which appeared in a Virginia newspaper that doesn’t seem to have it online.

Dr. Collins had recently resigned from his long-held position at the NIH/NHGRI to pursue other projects and there was scuttlebutt that it might include something political….As Genome-Technology headlines: Probably a Wise Move for Someone Rumored to Be a Possible Science Advisor.

Although quite non-partisan outwardly in the past, he did get involved in the legislation to protect your genomic information, known as GINA. I blogged about that here.

Go read the scan of Collins’ article over at A Vote for Science. I thought it was thoughtful and well done. Will it affect the course of the race? Probably not. But I have to say I appreciate scientists getting into politics a bit more. Staying objectively on the sideline didn’t serve us very well in the last few years. That’s why I worked with ScienceDebate2008.