Tip of the Week: Getting the canonical gene info

We went to ASHG last week. In addition to having lunch at my favorite cafeteria on the mall, we learned a lot at the 1000 Genomes workshop and helped out at the UCSC and Galaxy workshops there on Wednesday and Thursday. Both those resources are extensive (and developing) enough that no matter how many times I use or teach on them, I learn something. Well, one thing I learned at the workshop is how to view the ‘canonical’ gene in the Genome Browser (instead of all the splice variants, and how to get the canonical gene data out from the Table Browser. Simple bits of function that could come in handy. Today’s tip goes through those.

(We have several tutorials on the Genome and Table Browsers to get deeper if you wish. These are free to the user as they are sponsored by UCSC.)

HT to Bob Kuhn at UCSC for the Table Browser how-to!

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