We interrupt this program for a word… about individual tutorial purchase

We usually don’t blog specifically about OpenHelix tutorial purchasing (we do that with press releases), it’s not the purpose of the blog, but I really wanted to give a quick heads up. Many of our tutorials are free to the end-user because the resource provider has funded the training and outreach. UCSC, ENCODE, PDB, VISTA, SBKB and Galaxy are just some examples. The bulk of our tutorials (check out the catalog: reaching 100!) are behind a subscription wall. For trainers, professors teaching genomics, power learners, groups and institutions, subscriptions make a lot of sense. Sometimes though, individual users need to train on one or two resources and their need is fulfilled. We’ve just added a individual purchase function to our tutorials for those users.

If you are not subscribed, you’ll notice  new green “purchase” and “subscribe” buttons (if you are subscribed, those buttons won’t appear of course, the tutorials are unlimited access). Click on the “purchase” button and you can get access to that specific tutorial immediately after a $28.50 purchase (through Google checkout, requires a free Google account, if you have a google email, that will be al you need). You’ll have immediate access that will last for 3 days after purchase. That will give unlimited access to the Flash movie for three days and the ability to download the slides, handouts and exercises.

Again, you can see the tutorials in our list here, or search for the resources on our home and search page. Just type in the resource (or general topic) you are interested in the search box. If we have a tutorial on the resource, there will be a ‘puzzle’ icon to the left of the search result. Green means it’s sponsored and free, red means you can view it with a subscription, or individual purchase. Just click the icon :D.