Tip of the Week: Green Pathways

green_pathways.jpgAt the recent ICSB conference I attended a terrific talk by Esther Schmidt. The focus of the talk was Reactome, which is an old favorite of ours. It has great high-quality curated data on biological pathways and has some fun tools to go beyond browsing around. But during the talk I learned about a new aspect of Reactome that I didn’t know about before: Arabidopsis Reactome!

Arabidopsis Reactome is based on the same Reactome software framework, but it is very very green :). The focus of the site is, of course, Arabidopsis pathways. In fact, in the paper that describes the resource says that this database covers about 8% of the Arabidopsis proteome at this time. But in addition they have “electronically projected” (aka inferred orthologous events) among 5 other plant species as well. Rice, poplar, a moss and 2 of the grapes have been completed, so they use those 6 species to provide the view of the plant pathway systems that you’ll find at the site.

In this ~3min movie I give you a quick look at the green pathways–but you should go over and have a look yourself as well: http://arabidopsisreactome.org/

Also, check out their paper: http://www.plantcell.org/cgi/content/full/20/6/1426
Arabidopsis Reactome: A Foundation Knowledgebase for Plant Systems Biology. Nicolas Tsesmetzis et al. The Plant Cell 20:1426-1436 (2008) DOI: 10.1105/tpc.108.057976

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