Tip of the Week: eTBlast

etBlasteTBlast is a great tool for searching the literature, not only PubMed, but also CRISP (a database of federally funded biomedical research). Unlike PubMed or CRISP, you don’t use a few well chosen (hopefully) keywords, you can just paste in an entire paragraph or abstract and eTBlast will search and find papers similar to the entire paragraph. It saves you the time and effort of trying to narrow your search down. Just wrote that amazing research up and need to find citations for it? or granting agencies, experts in the field or the best journal to submit it to? eTBlast can help you with that. Want to do some boning up on a new field? eTBlast can help you create that reading list. This 5 minute tip shows you quickly how to use eTBlast and obtain some relevant results.

The eTBlast server site at Virginia Tech also hosts the handy ARGH search tool, allowing searches for acronyms used in biomedical contexts.

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