Treasure Hunts

Thought I’d recommend a little fun treasure hunt using GenBank. It’s a fun (if you are a biology and database geek like me) project that will hone some skills using GenBank, introduce you to a nice tool called ‘Blink” and maybe find some interesting anomalies. It’s all outlined (in several blog posts) by Sandra at her blog “Discovering Biology in a Digital World” (great blog btw) in a post entitled “A general method and good student project for finding interesting anomalies in GenBank.” I’m having fun with it, I’ll tell you (and her) if I find something.

Speaking of finding things, here are some interesting things I’ve come across randomly lately.

I came across this interesting book the other day. Isn’t ‘databases’ or ‘genomics’ per se (ok, so not at all really), but it’s a look at what geological footprint humans and human civilization will have on the Earth some 100 million years from now. What some alien traveler might find from this “Anthropocene” period we are in. Read more about it here and listen to the interview.

PLoS Computational Biology has a paper introducing a new database you might want to check out: mouseNet . As stated at the database site, it is a “functional network for laboratory mouse based on integration of diverse genetic and genomic data…to… predict novel functional assignments and network components.”